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Main Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

October 11th, 2016

causes of female hair lossHair loss is a phenomenon that is not only limited to women. It can occur in children, men and even in animals as well. In this article, we focus on the causes of hair loss in women.

Hair loss in women is experienced or seen during many of the normal routine duties that they do every day and that must be done. One such routine duty is hair combing and hair is actually lost when one is combing it.

It can also be lost when it is being washed, treated, relaxed,and dried upor even undergoing the other hair beauty and therapy processes. Some of the hair loss is said be normal as the hair growth cycle takes its cause. However, some other hair loss causes and especially those that may be leading to excessive hair loss may require the attention of a medical practitioner.

Onecommon cause of hair loss that is less worrisome is that which may be hereditary. These results from no self-induced reasons rather than from genes that may be acquired from ones mother, father or both of them. The gene that causes hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia.

Good grooming is a very important part of the feminine being. You will hardly see any woman who just walks out of her house without having worked on her hair to make her look good. However, in the cause of achieving this, women’s hair gets prone to traction alopecia.

This is a condition may not be known to many of the women folk. It is caused by continued disturbance to the hair glands and mainly results from hairstyles such as braiding, ponytails and weaving that tug at hair over time. Hair lost in this way may however regrow with time.

Some women also do lose hair during pregnancy. The cause for this is mainly associated with a phenomenon called telogen effluvium. This condition is said to occur also in persons who have undergone a stressful period, surgery, and or a rigorous weight loss and fitness period among others.

Lots of hair is lost daily during the normal routines such as brushing or combing due to medications taken to alleviate the underlying conditions such as antidepressants. During the elogen effluvium phase, the hair growth cycle is said to move faster within its phases hence the heavy shedding.

Still talking about hair losses associated with medications, Anagen Effluvium hair loss commonly occurs due to chemotherapy. This is a procedure that is used to in hospitals to help kill cancerous cells in the human body by targeting fast dividing cells and hair glands which fall into this category are affected too.

Other things that cause hair loss include chemicals,underlying illnesses and infections.