How To Go About Breast Enhancement

Just like in the case of eye and hair color, every woman’s breast size it genetically determined. Every woman wants to be beautiful and be admired. Attracting the eye of people around offers a needed confidence boost.

The development of the breasts is limited to a different size for every woman. This means that any further enhancement has to be done using other methods. The development is given by sexual hormones that appear with puberty, the most notable one being estrogen.

Because purely hormonal treatments can be dangerous, affecting other body parts, most women try the invasive way of plastic surgery.

Although it’s faster and guaranteed to achieve any size the patient wants, all doctors (not plastic surgeons) that are worth their paycheck will advise against it.

The easiest approach towards breast enhancement is the massage. Daily treatments can be done at home and they don’t require any specialized drugs of gels. The goal here is to increase blood flow in the breast with gentle circular movements. It is best to also use dill or sesame oils that help with naturally increasing the size.

Consuming dairy products and vegetables on a daily basis goes well with massages and gives better chances for visible results. Although any increase will never reach the artificial created sizes, this approach is completely safe.

breast enhancement options

Of course not every woman can be pleased with the smaller scale results of natural methods. Luckily for them, with enough money they can buy any breast size desired. Plastic surgery is a billion dollar industry that profits most from this type of work.

Because this is a more complex intervention, certain criteria need to be met before starting the procedure. If the patient is a smoker they need to stay away from the vice for at least a week before surgery.

Any food supplements or anti-inflammatory medication needs to be interrupted one month prior to the operation. A medical consultation is mandatory as to assess the patient’s medical history and make sure nothing can interfere and cause dangerous side-effects.

After everything is in order a series of scans will be made to determine what the safest new breast size is. This decision is ultimately left to the patient as it’s not uncommon for women to go over the recommendations and choose insane dimensions.

cup sizesDepending on countries prices can vary a lot from a few hundred dollars to thousands. It’s probably best to go with the most expensive procedures as they often guarantee more skilled surgeons and cutting edge equipment. With the industry doing so well, advancements are constantly being made and techniques improved.

Before making a decision it’s best to strongly consider how much of an impact you want your breasts to have. If you don’t mind going up just a size or a size and a half, you probably wouldn’t also mind taking the natural and longer approach.

Massages and diets will not give DD cup sizes but they will make your breasts look and feel great, not artificial. If however a small increase does not satisfy your needs, think carefully of the longer implications surgery has. It’s tough to take things back after a while, and reducing the size later is only going to ruin the form even more.

While very popular, breast surgery is not the only solution to get your confidence up and certainly not the cheapest one.

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